About Us

When your car needs a wash and detail, turn to our drive-thru! You can expect your car to shine, both inside and out.

We are the only tunnel car wash chain in Southeast NM, with a location in Lovington, NM coming in 2021. We have fast and convenient Unlimited Monthly Wash Plans with pay stations to make going through the wash process super simple and hassle-free. We ALWAYS have a friendly cashier to greet our customers, as well as friendly staff that will guide you safely onto the conveyor. At that point they spray your bugs and scrub the vehicle. We also hand dry every vehicle at no extra charge. We offer a RIM/TIRE cleaning service at the end of the wash process at a private station ($5 charge). All of our vacuums have detail air hoses so our customers can use to spray their trim and interior out while using the free vacuums.


We only use the best products. ZEP Inc has all the biggest brand names including Armor All, Rain-X, Black Magic and Blue Coral. These chemicals not only have the name/brand recognition but the highest quality results that we are looking for in our end product. Armor All has released their newest product “Ceramic Seal” which is the latest and greatest chemical out there. The 3 step process we have in our Best Wash “Tornado Wax and Seal” has the Xtreme Shine Wax to give the vehicle the best shine, a layer of Rain X to repel dirt and grime, and then the Ceramic Seal to Seal and protect the paint. All of our chemicals are pumped and applied by HyraFlex Systems and are metered with the new VirsaDial system so that we can use the right dilution ratio per application and be consistent with usage/cost.

Tornado Wash The BEST Wash Ever, #tornadostrong.

Tornado Wash, come and experience the cleaning force
We have modified our tunnels to wash most vehicles (NO Dually).